Organic ingredients

fresh ingredients - fresh taste

Organic lemons

Our lemon juice is based on organically grown Italian and Spanish lemons. With their intense aroma of sun-ripened fruit, they impress with the fresh, fruity taste of the south. Lemons contain a high proportion of vitamin C and thus strengthen the body’s defences.

Organic ginger

We source the ginger for our products from controlled organic cultivation in Peru. Our high-quality organic Peruvian ginger is characterized by long, branched tubers with a spicy, pungent taste and a light, golden-yellow pulp. Its naturally pleasant spiciness also impresses sensitive palates. Ginger is also healthy and has been shown to strengthen the immune system. The small tuber contains not only essential oils and gingerol, which give it its pungency, but also substances that stimulate the circulation and promote digestion, such as cineole and borneol. In addition, ginger provides important micronutrients and antioxidants.

Organic raw cane sugar

“Our organic raw cane sugar comes from Colombia and is grown there in accordance with strict EU organic regulations in a vegetation zone that is perfectly adapted to the climate and processed into sugar. We have made a conscious decision in favour of raw cane sugar and against refined sugar. Raw cane sugar still contains a certain amount of minerals because it is not refined and is therefore the most natural product compared to granulated sugar. It impresses with its pleasant, malty sweetness and a slight hint of vanilla.

Cinchona bark extract

Our Bio Tonic Water and Bio Bitter Lemon contain natural cinchona bark extract from South America to preserve the well-known characteristic bitterness of these drinks. Cinchona bark contains a particularly large number of bitter substances which are healthy for the digestion, strengthen the immune system and curb the appetite for sweets.

Organic yeast

Our organic ginger beer, produced according to a special brewing process, contains yeast and vitamin B, is electrolytic and alcohol-free. The yeast used is top-fermenting organic brewer’s yeast, which ferments at temperatures of 12°C – 25°C. Organic yeast differs from conventional yeast in that it contains organic feed – the so-called organic beer wort. This makes it particularly rich in high-quality vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins.