About Us

Organic - local - healthy - delicious

Our goal is healthy pleasure

We love ginger drinks – for pure pleasure, but also for mixing great drinks and cocktails.

Ginger is just our thing.

But the list of ingredients in some drinks reads like the inventory list of a chemistry lab, plus too much sugar. We originally came from dentistry and have seen every day what sugar can do. We feel that something like this has no place in drinks and have been looking for a solution.

We wanted non-alcoholic drinks with only the best ingredients from organic farming, which also contain as few calories as possible and also satisfy our taste buds.

And so we put our hearts and passion into this project and Doc’s Ginger was born – the idea of developing and brewing delicious low-sugar drinks that are also organic and locally produced – always under the motto: organic – local – healthy – delicious!

Our Vision

We want to inspire people around the world with our healthy and delicious organic products and, as a company, contribute to the preservation of our environment by using organically grown ingredients.