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Doc's Ginger bis nach Hause

Organic Ginger Beer


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The best ingredients from organic farming and the reduced sugar content make our organic ginger beer, brewed in Germany, so special.


Our organic ginger beer develops its unique taste best when chilled. The first sip convinces with a slight tingle of carbon dioxide and a pleasant, non-intrusive sweetness. Juicy Mediterranean lemons dance on your tongue and finally the spicy, pungent ginger from Peru challenges the palate. Warm and fruity, with an aromatic tingling sensation, our organic ginger beer leaves only one thought: more!

Our main ingredients :
    1. 1. Ginger

We source ginger from a controlled organic cultivation in Peru. Ginger is healthy and has been shown to strengthen the immune system. The small tuber contains not only essential oils and gingerol,

      • to whom it owes its finesse,
      • but also a circulatory stimulant and

Digestive substances such as cineole and borneol. In addition, ginger provides important micronutrients and antioxidants. It is not without reason that ginger has been used as a medicine in parts of Asia for thousands of years.

    1. Lemon juice

The basis of our lemon juice is organically grown Italian and Spanish lemons, which have all the power of the sun and nothing else.

    1. Yeast

Our organic ginger beer, produced according to a special brewing process, contains yeast and vitamin B, is electrolytic and alcohol-free.

    1. Raw cane sugar

We process raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar. Raw cane sugar also consists of sucrose, but it still contains some minerals. Since our high quality raw cane sugar from Colombia is not refined, it is the most natural product compared to granulated sugar.


Water, ginger syrup* 10% (cane sugar*, water, ginger*), raw cane sugar*, lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate* 1.6%, ginger* 1.2%, carbonated fibre, yeast*, rice syrup*.
* Ingredients from organic farming DE-ÖKO-001

Nutritional values per 100 ml:

Calorific value kJ (kcal) 119 (28)
carbohydrates 6,9g
including sugars 6,9g

Contains minor amounts of fat, saturated fat, protein and salt.